by: Editor , 04-06-2018


With a plethora of MX5s, MGBs and SLKs appearing on the roads - the default choices for bargain summer-runner classics in the South of England - office discussion naturally turned to other more 'Eclectic' options for purchase at an online classic car auction. Newtimers are the order of the day for the younger members of the team as opposed to '70s classic soft tops for the elders. One oddball came up that I thought worth writing about, particularly as we've been offered a pair of them to rehome via our online classic car auction platform. The VW Type 182 Trekker. Vaguely remember them...No? Well, not surprising as so few were ever sold in RHD form in the UK. We think they would make a great VW based 4-up soft-top beach car. Practical, roomy and with beetle or karmann ghia drivetrain and components for ease and cheap maintenance. And rare in Type 182 format RHD as opposed to the continental Type 181 LHD cars. These cars have cult status in Australia and California. But in the UK...well they never really sold well, and that makes them rare and desireable today. Would we take one over a Beetle cabriolet? Yes. The Trekker is all about open top air-cooled VW motoring with a car full of friends. The beetle is a bit of a squeeze in comparison. We wouldn't bother with the ugly hardtop they were sold with in the UK, just fold the screen flat and enjoy. Let's face it the chances of seeing another on our shores is slim. And the price? Well that's a good question - we think 10k to 12k for a tidy one. If you're reading this and you fancy something a little different get in touch! Trekker - the Eclectic VW


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