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Sleepers. We love them. Deceptively standard on the outside yet under the skin off the Scoville scale. If they look standard on the inside too, all the better for it. Don't get us wrong, we love to see an unusually modified vehicle too, and have a soft spot for well stanced cars. But sometimes you just want to travel low-pro. Tuning has been around since the birth of the automobile. Somewhere along the line, it became necessary to advertise about it. Now nothing beats a RUF Porsche or period Martini liveried wide bodied 911 for looks but if you want to fly under the radar, make it a sleeper. There's a primary pleasure in dropping a 2.0L into a 1.3 yet leaving the badge. No one needs to know but the driver. (Ok, and your insurance company). You could de-badge it but then that's just bragging too...if in a rather veiled way. So when this thinly disguised Nordschleife tool came to our attention it got us thinking....could this be the ultimate sleeper? Bog standard 4 door Alfa from the outside with blacked out rear windows to hide the nasty bits. So its a 2 seater and a noisy one at that, but imagine the fun you could have. If you have something a liitle unusual you'd like to re-home through our online classic car auction then get in touch. We're always looking for unusual classic cars to sell. Eclectic Fun.

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