by: admin , 08-03-2018

It can become pretty hectic sourcing stock and curating online classic car auctions, and lunchtime banter can get...well eclectic too. It came up in conversation recently that at least some of us here in the Eclectic Auctions office reference life with the help of classic cars. Ok, so what does that mean? Well, for example when trying to remember directions to that forgettable distant relative you drove to visit 5 years ago, it helps to make a mental road map of parked vehicles. Right at the house with the rusty Jensen in the garden, left at the Mk1 Jag with the dented door. The people who own these cars tend to, on the whole, park them right in front of their houses and keep them for many years, making the SatNav pleasantly redundant. Our cars help us remember points in time too. 'Remember that weekend in '95 when we drove to the mountains for so and so's birthday party'? Quite possibly not. Amended with ' you know, we took the windy back roads in the little red car'. Most probably Yes. The memory of how sweetly you took that quick right left in second, help the details of the weekend start to come back. If you have the inability to remember names and faces, it often helps to remember what car they drive or what bike they ride. Its easy to slip into a conversation when asked ' so still got that old Healey?' the name always comes back in due course. Its always a pleasant surprise to learn that you remember their conversation from 15 years ago vividly. Are we the only ones to do this? We think not.

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