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Once you've owned a '60s or '70s Alfa Romeo its difficult not to have one in your life for very long. Yet that can be said for many marques and no doubt there is a different classic tool for each job. Need to dispatch 300 miles up the M1 and arrive fresh, I'll take a W124 or W140 Merc. Potter around London mid-Beast from the East, the 4x4 Panda everytime. Early Sunday morning drive on fast rural backroads, it has to be a '60s or '70s Alfa. Yes, an original Elan would do the trick too, but that Giuseppe Busso twin-cam Alfa Nord engine is hard to beat for the money. And that really is the appeal of the Alfa in a nutshell, the Nord engine. Produced from 1954 to 1994, how many other engines have had a production run, fairly much unchanged for 40 years? Appearing first in the 1954 Giulietta, the dimensions were altered slightly for the 105 series as anyone trying to fit a 1750 engine to an early 1300 spider will know. All the Nord engines have different, but equally delightful characteristics, and once you've tried them all, choosing the Alfa that is right for you is much easier. The 1300 is the least powerful yet can rev like a sewing machine to higher rpm. Perfect in a Giulia Spider or Junior if you mainly drive solo. The 2000 has all the torque yet doesn't rev as easily in standard spec, perfect for a Berlina, GTV or Spider if you usually carry passengers or are trying your first Alfa. The 1600? Closer in feel to the 1300 but with a little more torque and power, making it a quick get away car in the early '60s. However its the 1750 that in our eyes is the sweetest, ideal for overtaking while retaining that silky smooth 'revability'. The 1750 also had the longest production run, being re-worked for the Alfetta 1800, useful if you need original replacement parts. All Nord engine cars sound equally fantastic which is much of the appeal, they all drive equally well too. Perhaps then the reason why they are so hard to give up...own one Nord engined Alfa and you just want to try them all. Oh, and the body that surrounds it - well that's just secondary. The Alfa Nord. Eclectic addiction.


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