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Between our staff, we own a fairly diverse and interesting range of classics in the Eclectic Auctions office. Some of us are hoarders of anything unusual, some of us have a cherished classic car or two. One topic that never seems to get resolved is the difficulty in finding a secure location that is easily accessible to store our vehicles away from prying eyes. We've all done damp lock-ups, farmers' barns and grandma's garage over the years usually with one outcome - a car that requires more spending on it to return it to the condition it was in when we parked it there last summer than the money we saved by opting for the cheapest storage option. There is often the assumption among classic and performance car enthusiasts that climate controlled secure storage is an expensive luxury, that may be true of some ventures but it's not always the case. We recently came across a fairly new vehicle secure storage company located near Goodwood yet conveniently also a stones throw from the A3. And exceptionally good value for money, meaning there really isn't any reason why your average car-guy can't store his pride and joy properly...and we like that so thought we'd pass it on - The affable Martyn Sands runs South Downs Secure. They not only impressed us with their professionalism and security set up but also with their humidity controlled storage which maintains their facility at a constant humidity year round. No damp crevices or carpets here. The roads to South Downs Secure are some of the best for driving that Sussex has to offer, regardless of the direction you are coming from. Click on the link above to see what they have to offer you. Eclectic Sense.


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