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As much as we love Bling on our Newtimers, sometimes you need to travel low-pro. There's no question that big Audis are the tool of choice for high speed yet inconspicuous long distance travel. The standard V8 RS6 Avant with 450Bhp is a massively capable machine that's an absolute hoot to safely 4 wheel drift on a snow-covered Alpine road,... yet enough like a standard A6 estate to pass under the radar. Spec-up to a later V10 5.0 RS6 Avant and with 572Bhp, you have all you'll ever need in a car. Any of the breed sound absolutely epic under load, yet quiet enough at low speeds to take granny to church on Sunday. The RS6 is so well put together that they feel incredibly planted on the road in even the most horrific conditions. The Audi 4-wheel drive system just takes you through snow drifts you'd think only a Landy could handle. They can endure enormous mileages if well maintained too so buying at a classic car auction needn't be a worry. So with adverse driving conditions often just around the corner in the UK, its an easy sell. Be the practical, safety conscious spouse and school run hero. We'd take one de-badged with stock rims to make the ultimate sleeper. No need to mention the BHP.

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