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There's no question that if you grew up in Britain in the 70's and 80's then British marques were the only classic sports cars you'd see regularly on the roads outside of London and the ones school boys aspired to own. Growing up in rural 1970's Northumberland the owner of our local classic car auction house attempted to run a slightly ropey early 246 Dino and was considered a bit of a flash git. Naturally, it spent most of its time being 'serviced' and even in primary school I sensed that perhaps the owner would be better served by a TR4. My suggestion wasn't well received. The seminal moment for many a schoolboy was the sight of the near mythical 'Top Trumps' Jensen Interceptor, a moment I remember well as one effortlessly barreled past our wheezing MK1 Escort on the A69. These early motoring encounters undoubtedly remain etched in the heads of many petrolheads regardless of where and when they grew up. How many of us recalled them when buying our first classic car? Well a quick 'office & mates concensus' shows that more often than not early motoring encounters have influenced us in vehicle purchases. With the appearance of inexpensive new car finance, first time car buyers can find themselves in a new car with insurance included for a very low monthly fee. Less eighteen year olds are opting to run old cars and be exposed to all the experiences that are associated with them. What is refreshing is the number of vehicles tastefully modified by a generation in their late teens and twenties who have adopted grandads old car. Aside from the ubiquitous stanced Fords, lowered and modified Heralds and Vitesses spring to mind and its easy to see why. Relatively inexpensive to buy, Michelotti styling that still looks fantastic and low tuning and running costs mean that a Herald or 2L Vitesse are stylish and practical transport for the man of taste yet limited means. And that's our choice of ride this week - Giovanni Michelotti styled British sportscars. From the man that styled the Maserati A6G/54 2000 Allemano Coupe , Ferrari 340 MM Spider to yes, that TR4. Eclectic British.

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