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As anyone that knows the Eclectic Auctions team will testify, we love our Classic & Vintage Alfa Romeos. There are those in the office that speak fluent Alfa......And there are others here that love their hot Fords. We've decided to mix both camps. The "Alfa Tina". Read on to see how....   So, Which is a better drive...the Mk1 Lotus Cortina or the Alfa GTA? If you love your cars, and if you are reading this you must, then you'll know the epic historic and recent battles between the two are well documented. Yet there is a more grassroots question that begged to be answered - Which is a better drive...the Cortina GT or the Alfa GTV? Obviously if you compare the 105 series 1750 or 2000 GTV to the Cortina its not a fair comparison. So as a fun-but-not-related-to-what-we-do-project some of the boys at Eclectic Auctions have decided to even things up in the interest of science, subjectivity et all that. How?... Well by extracting the engine from a beautifully restored 2 door Mk1 Cortina GT and installing an Alfa 1750 GTV engine in it, Hahaha. The engine has been re-built to exactly the same spec as the one in our 105 series 1750 GTV and with the same running gear. Before all the purists write in, it was a spare engine that was knocking around. So there you have it the Alfa Tina, the only way to answer the question once and for all. Except maybe put a Ford GT engine in an Alfa GTV,.... but why would we want to do that?!  This one isn't for sale, but if you register we'll let you know when we have other interesting classic cars for sale at our online classic car auction. Eclectic Fun and why not?

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