The Audi RS2, a car that is overlooked by many. Engineered by both Porsche & Audi, the RS2 has a monstrous 315bhp making it one of the most important models of Audi ever built. With less than 3,000 units produced (and even fewer were RHD), the RS2 was the first Audi that wore the RS badge. Thought that was neat? Get this; the RS2 was Audi’s first high-performance Avant estate which goes to show you don’t need a supercar to go fast.

Between the years of 1994 and 1996, the RS2 was labelled the “fastest estate car in the world” with a top speed of 163mph. How does it manage this top speed you ask? Pop the hood and you’ll find yourself a highly tuned five-cylinder 20-valve engine which produces the 315bhp.


About the RS2

Now we’ve gone over some history on the gem which is the RS2; it would be a good time to go over the details on this beauty.

It was first supplied and registered in Portugal back in 1995 where it would spend the next 26 years of its life. Earlier this year, it was imported into the United Kingdom in a presentable condition. This example is rust-free, a problem that other RS2s suffer from. Imported from Portugal earlier this year, the model is a LHD and sadly not an RHD. Don’t let this deter you away from the RS2; it’s without a doubt one of the only “rust-free” examples on the market.

Finished in Nogaro Blue, this colour sparkles in natural daylight. Just the rich colour alone would draw you in. You have to see it in person as the picture don’t do the colour justice.

The interior is all 90’s; vertical vents, rectangular headrests and white dials. The wood inlays show well without lacquer peel or distortion while the original head unit tops off the retro appeal.  

This could be your pride and joy if you’re after an estate that is both powerful and practical.


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£56,995 SOLD


  • Year: 1995
  • Exterior Colour: Nogaro Blue
  • Interior Colour: Black Leather