1980 Toyota FJ40 LandCruiser. Original and rare RHD Japanese factory 'canvas top' model finished in FJ40 medium blue. Ground up, chassis-off rebuild a few years ago, panel 'spot-weld' dimples are all clearly visible and the attention to detail underneath and in the engine bay is impressive. Hood canvas is new, seats are the originals and have a lovely patina. This vehicle has come from the private collection of a fastidious owner, has been beautifully restored and presents very nicely indeed. 4,200cc '2F' straight six petrol model with a canvas top, this particular FJ40 has the sensible later upgrades of power steering, front disc brakes and air-conditioning. We believe this is the best RHD Fj40 in the UK. Toyota FJ40 are becoming increasingly collectable and this vehicle would make a shrewd investment.



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£25,950 SOLD


  • Year: 1980
  • Exterior Colour: Medium Blue