Highly desirable and rare 1976 2F FJ40 LandCruiser from early in the 2F production series. This is an original RHD Japanese factory 2F 4230 CC petrol hardtop model finished in attractive FJ40 beige. These 2F engined cars are much more refined than any of the diesel variants (which we don't deem as being anywhere near as collectable) and are considered the model to own, as in RHD form the 2F are rare. This particular 2F has been subject to an extensive ground up, chassis-off rebuild. Panel 'spot-weld' dimples are all clearly visible and the attention to detail throughout the vehicle as well as underneath and in the engine bay is truly impressive. The interior has been re-trimmed in original type hardwearing black vinyl with new factory rubber mats on the floors. We're told that this vehicle has seen careful dry weather use on private land since its rebuild and presents very nicely indeed, driving beautifully. These 2F engines have plenty of torque, making the standard 3-speed box with hi-low transfer case more than ample for the driving conditions they were intended for. The 2F FJ40s will easily pull away in second if required. We would suggest wax oiling the underneath which will be left to the new owner to decide, as the underside is so clean it would almost be a shame to cover it. Shod with the correct 15" FJ40 wheels with new Xtra grip tyres all round to make it as close as possible to how an FJ40 would have left Arakawa in Japan. The matching spare wheel with an unused new tyre is not shown in the photos but comes with the vehicle and has now been refitted to the exterior wheel hanger. This particular hardtop has desireable free locks on the front. The speedometer is new and mileage prior to restoration is unknown. One unusual feature is the tsunami siren under the bonnet which is activated from a stalk on the dash, possibly hinting at the vehicles prior use in its former life. In addition to the heater and demister, a period aftermarket air-conditioning unit, most probably fitted when new, would have allowed for genuine year round comfort. The aircon benefitting from brand new condenser radiator and compressor unit. Toasty in Spring, Autumn and Winter and cool in the Summer. We highly recommend viewing at our facility near Goodwood, West Sussex. The condition of the vehicle will speak for itself. As always inspection is welcome. Priced keenly at far below chassis-off restoration costs and available to purchase directly upon inspection. This vehicle would make the perfect addition to any collection 



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£26,750 SOLD


  • Year: 1976
  • Exterior Colour: Beige
  • Interior Colour: Black