We at Eclectic Auctions are always intrigued by eclectic vehicles, hence our name. That’s why we have cherry-picked this very tasty looking Panel Van. This is undoubtedly a classic we have not seen before and can imagine it’s a real crowd pleaser.

So how did the “Panel Van” come about? Back in 2006, Danny Baird had acquired two Austin 1800 UTE’s in which he planned to develop into the Panel Van we see today. With a clear goal in mind, he set out. The build itself wasn’t easy and took him 3 and a half years to complete with help from his Graham Lord, his father and father-in-law. Top work the guys put into this build. Just goes to show if you put in the time and money, the results will be phenomenal. You can read more about all the behind-the-scenes work on their website listing.

This stunning example is finished in Metallic Olive Green, a personal favourite of ours for classic cars. From the pictures provided, there is no visible sign of rust on the bodywork which is clear to us the previous owner had taken good care of her.

About the Austin 1800 UTE/Panel Van

From the pictures seen below, we can clearly see this is built with love and passion. Every inch of this car looks pristine with no sign of damage. It has been labelled as a “Potential show winner”, and due to how unique this classic is, we can see this being very much the case. The Panel Van also comes with a perfect history file which includes an array of photographs during the restoration process as well as drawn design sketches before the build commenced. Now, how cool is that?

As passionate as we are for classic cars, this ticks every box. We strongly recommend you have a look at their listing and perhaps treat yourself to a unique classic this year.




  • Year of Manufacture: 1970
  • Exterior Colour: Metallic Olive Green