First you need to register (It's FREE!) then lodge a valid creditcard via STRIPE (to cover Eclectic Auctions 5%+VAT buyer's fee if you win the auction) Enter your bid, agree to our T&C and confirm your bid. If you are outbid, we'll notify you by email and you can choose to raise your bid.
We ask you to lodge credit card details with STRIPE as a security check to prevent fraud. In addition, where stated, we charge for some services on our website (for example buying a vehicle or desirable via our website) We use the Credit Card details that you provide to collect the charge.
Eclectic Auctions uses a confidential bid system. No one else can see your bid or how many bids you have placed. At auction close, the highest bid that meets the reserve wins.
The estimate is the price set by the seller that he/she hopes the item will sell for. The estimate is always set higher than the reserve price. It does NOT mean that the item will sell for that amount.
The Reserve price is the minimum price that the seller will accept. The seller sets the reserve price below the estimate. No one can see the reserve price, but they can see when it is nearly met and when it is met. A reserve can be lowered during the auction, but not raised.
As a private seller only your Username is visible on the listing. We encourage buyers to view an item before bidding. There is a button on each listing for Registered Users to contact you.
No. If you are listing as a dealer, your dealer name and logo will not be visible on your listing.
When you submit an item, we ask for a comprehensive description and a photo gallery. (You supply a few photos first and unlimited photos and media when we agree to list the item) We provide a guide on how to take the best vehicle photos – It’s easy to follow and it will have you snapping like a Pro! There is room for a short video on each listing too.
Yes, Registered Users may wish to view your item before they bid. They will contact you directly to arrange a mutually acceptable time to view the item at your premises. There is a button on each listing for Registered Users to contact you.
We believe that with No Seller Fees and No Seller Commission, we’ve created a Win-Win service. To qualify, you agree to allow your listing to run the full 7 day duration of the auction.
We believe that with NO Seller Fees and No Seller Commission, we’ve created a Win-Win service. To qualify, you agree to honour the sale and sell to the winning bidder for the final bid price.
Yes, that’s fine. However, our terms and conditions state that once your listing goes live, you honour the sale to the winning bidder. SEE FAQ – Do I have to sell to the winning bidder?
We take a secure Stripe holding deposit from all registered users before they may bid on any item. This holding deposit converts into a (5%+VAT) buyer’s commission upon winning an item. This process assists both the buyer and seller to reassure that the auction will conclude successfully.
Once a bid has been placed on an item, it becomes binding and cannot be retracted. When you use our service, before you bid, you agree to our terms and conditions.
If a bid is placed within the last minute of bidding, the auction is automatically extended by another minute. We use this system as it prevents automated sniping programs from winning auctions in the last few seconds of the auction, making it fairer for all. It’s fun too to watch! Just like a live auction, but from the comfort of your home.
Yes, Eclectic Auctions is VAT registered.

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