If you know of Classic and Vintage Cars, Bikes & Desirables that an owner would like to sell then why not refer an item for auction? It really is Win-Win for everyone!

The owner can register, list and sell completely free using our service and expertise. Their item will reach a much wider audience and it won’t cost them a penny.

You earn £100(+VAT) for a ‘successful referral’. It’s an easy side income that isn’t time consuming.

We have knowledgeable referrers like you championing our service and helping us bring interesting Classic Cars, Bikes & Desirables to auction.

What do I need to do?

If you know someone who would like to sell an item, then simply ask them to register and submit via the Submit a listing button. It’s completely free. It’s secure. It’s very easy.

What do they need to do?

When the Seller (owner of the item) fills in the ‘Submit a listing’ form, make sure that they fill in the 2 boxes that are on the form with your details (see the screenshot example below) – Remember you will need to register yourself on the Eclectic Auctions site first... we need your details on file to know who to pay!

Earn £100

What are the key points I need to know?

You earn £100 (+VAT) for every ‘successful referral’.

A ‘successful referral’ is one that follows these conditions:

Is there anything else I need to do?

Yes. You should read our Terms & Conditions for referral fees here, they are the points you have just read above and you agree to them when you register to use our service.