This 1989 MK1 Fiat Panda 4x4 is a rare find indeed in RHD. More so as it is the limited edition Sisley model with extra features over the standard 4x4 Panda. Based on the standard 4x4 model, the Sisley edition came from the factory with metallic paint, inclinometer clocks, white steel wheels, roof rack, headlamp washers, bonnet scoop and Sisley badging, interior and trim. These MK1 Panda 4x4s have a near cult following in Europe due to their ability to handle just about anything. Light and very agile, they are serious fun and surprisingly versatile little machines well suited to narrow British tracks and winter conditions. In RHD form few were sold in the UK and as such they rarely come up for sale, as owners tend to hold on to them. 



During the previous and current ownership, this lovely 4x4 Panda has undergone a full ground up restoration over the course of 4 years. There is a thick file documenting all the work carried out and evidence of bills totalling in excess of Gbp 8,000 for labour and parts. New panels were used where required and we are told all bodywork repairs are of a high standard with welding carried out by a marque expert. These Pandas were susceptible to rust in certain areas when new due to poor protection. In order to prevent future rust damage, this Panda has received a full rapture seal to the decks and underfloor areas. New exterior plastics and bumpers were sourced and fitted after a full bare metal respray in the original factory light blue.



Work has been carried out when and where required to keep this Panda in fine mechanical condition. As can be seen from the photographs, the ride height has been raised over the standard Panda 4x4. This was done with an aftermarket RIALZI lift kit bought from Italy. RIALZI manufactured these kits specifically for the Panda 4x4 allowing useful extra clearance for rough terrain. There is also a large selection of original spares that come with the car, along with 3 sets of wheels should the new owner want to take the Panda green-laning. 



Although not concours, this practical 4x4 Mk1 Panda is in fine fettle. The rear seats and headlining have been removed at some point and would need sourcing to bring the car back to a four seater, but we rather like it as a two seater with larger carrying capacity. Summer beach car, autumn green laner or winter life saver, these little Panda 4x4s hold a soft spot for several members of the Eclectic Auctions office - this particular petrolhead was saved by one when even our 4 wheel drive Audi S6 avant had to be abandoned in Alpine snow. Estimate and Reserve are fair as always. We highly recommend viewing. This Mk1 Panda 4x4 is fairly priced considering the enormous expenditure and time that has been spent. Available to purchase with a buy now offer after inspection by appointment only.



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Make: Fiat
Model: MK1 Panda 4x4
Year: 1989
Length Owned: 2 years
Dealer: Private sale
Documentation: V5 and supporting docs
Country: UK
City/Town: Hertfordshire
Location: Hertfordshire
Engine Size: 999cc
Engine Original: Yes
Speedo: 120,000
Estimate: £5000 - £6000