Now we wouldn't necessarily consider offering a C4 for sale via private treaty sale or our classic car online auctions but this one piqued our curiosity. With the same garage mechanic owner for many years and regularly maintained by him, the Corvette was then sold to a customer who ran the car as a fast and practical weekend driver. What makes this particular C4 interesting are the modifications that are thought to have been done along the way to create a Corvette that really handles and has proper grunt to boot. While checking the history of this car, we had a long chat to the previous garage owner, who admitted that although he could no longer remember all the modifications made to the car, he could remember that under his ownership the car handled on local roads 'as if it were on rails' - and as the chap prepped and raced '70s Italian classics himself for a living, we have no reason to doubt that this C4 is something a little different from the norm. This is a manual car. 

The Corvette C4 sold from 1983 to 1996. Among modern Corvettes, only the C4 was a truly revolutionary design rather than an update of the C3 Corvette. The C4 was futuristic and fresh when launched and is a design that still looks fantastic in the flesh. Wedge cars don't always do it for us, the Tasmin and Eclat being a case in point, yet seeing the enormous interest that a Khamsin and pair of Corvette C4s generated at the recent Goodwood Supercar Sunday there is no doubt that wedge cars have a following that is steadily increasing with time. 




Outwardly standard, the bodywork presents nicely with red paintwork that doesn't appear to have suffered the usual fade that often affects red cars from the '80s. A few blemishes and a chip here and there, but nothing that really detracts. The passenger windscreen trim (see photo) would be an easy tidy up and a decent polish or even ceramic coat would see the paintwork gleaming further - if that were a priority - but for us it would be all about the driving with this C4.



The interior is in presentable condition for the age of the car. Carpets are colour matched red and hold up nicely. The red leather suits the '80s vibe well and although its quite patinated, should respond to reconnolising which doesn't appear to have been done before. The drivers side bolster has some wear although not major. There are no rips in the upholstery aside from a small tear in the driver's seat which the owner informs us was created through years of butt-clenching acceleration and cornering. Can't really argue with that. 



A mid-years C4, as this one is, has a quoted 235 hp in standard tune. The low down torque and responsiveness made these cars the tuners' choice. This particular C4 comes with a large document file of bills from garages both Stateside and in the UK along with sales brochures and old titles. Just what you want to see. Outwardly, the engine appears to be standard. As mentioned, according to the previous and current owners the engine is rumoured to have received modifications. Not being US car specialists we weren't able to identify tuning parts from the bills, although we are told that the car has possibly had a chip upgrade and exhaust upgrades. This would make sense as the route to go to extract significantly more BHP from the standard engine. It certainly doesn't sound like any C4 that this carguy has heard before. Period Ford Tuning specialist Roush Performance are reportedly responsible, something that the new owner may wish to verify themselves. A handling package is also suspected to be in there somewhere, hence the ability to corner. Again, as the current owner hasn't modified the car, independent verification and a full inspection in person is highly recommended. There was no smoke on start-up or untoward noises when we viewed the car and the whole appeared to be in rude health. mileage is at 79,750 km.



With a lower estimate of £6,995 this particular Corvette could offer fantastic value. Perfectly usable on UK roads, the C4 is roughly the same size as a later TVR. With practical Targe top there is the possibility of some real wind in the hair summer fun to be had. The argument for a Targa as opposed to a full cabriolet making for a car that is well suited to the British weather. We think this C4 would make a shrewd buy. Available to purchase directly upon inspection for registered users. Viewing recommended.


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Make: Cheverolet Corvette C4
Model: C4 Targa
Year: 1986
Dealer: Private
Documentation: V5 and supporting docs
Country: UK
City/Town: Harting
Location: West Sussex
Engine Size: 5733cc
Engine Original: Yes
Speedo: 79,750 KM
Estimate: £6,995 to £9,450