The Mk2 Ford Consul that appeared new in 1956 was a submodel of the Zephyr range, sharing the same basic bodyshell but fitted with a 4 cylinder 1703 cc , 59 bhp type 204E engine as opposed to the Zephyr's six. This particular model is a 'lowline' version with the slightly lowered roof. Produced in 1960, it was shipped directly to Germany, and returned to the UK in 1962. Being for export, this car was originally fitted with an oilbath air filter which has now been replaced with a paper filter. Other than that, the vendor tells us the car is in largely standard spec. This is a well-known club car, being in the same family for 23 years.



The deep blue bodywork with light blue roof is a subtle colour combination that suits the car well. These cars were heavily influenced by the American 1956 Fairline with its bright colour schemes, the dark blue here lends a more traditional British air. Resprayed in 2010 following bodywork on the rear arches and front valance, the paint presents nicely. Recent additional work was a near side inner wing seal, which received localised welding in 2017.



The light grey and  white interior was re-upholstered in 2010 and has minimal wear. The car received a new carpet set at the same time, along with new front and rear screen rubbers...a maitanence job often overlooked but essential to the long life of the interior.. The door trim was renewed in 2013 to match the rest of the interior as it was starting to show its age. The water valve for the heater has also been replaced.



The original engine was replaced with a good replacement item which has been regularly maintained by the mechanic owner, who tells us when installed, it was fitted with a new clutch, new piston rings and big end shells and that oil and water changes have been routine under his 23 year ownership. The original matching numbers engine requires a re-bore and comes with the car. According to the owner, the car runs well and has proved completely reliable over the years. A stainless steel exhaust system is fitted. It should be assumed that the car has been around the clock and the 3361 current mileage shown is not the total.



It's always reassuring to see a vehicle come from long term ownership and we get the impression that the owner genuinely loves this car but reluctantly due to a change in circumstances has to find the Mk2 a new home. We think that this car has just the right patina allowing you to use it regularly without the worry you'd get driving an overly restored car.

The reserve is realistic and a good purchase in comparison to others on offer. The car is now located in Kent and we recommend viewing. An eclectic choice in time for spring.


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Make: Ford
Model: Mk2 Consul Deluxe
Year: 1960
Length Owned: 23 years
Dealer: Private
Documentation: 23 years
Country: UK
City/Town: Rochester
Engine Size: 1703 cc
Engine Original: Yes
Speedo: 3361