The 1932 Chevrolet Confederate Deluxe Special Sedan is a popular though rare Antique Car in the United States and thought to be one of only a handful here in the UK. Imported by the current owner from New Jersey 11 years ago, this particular Confederate has enjoyed occasional wedding hire, weekend and car show use. Beautifully maintained, the Chevy presents very nicely indeed with plenty of paperwork to match. The Series BA Confederate was owned by many famous people including movie stars Al Jolson and Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan). Advertised as the 'Baby Cadillac', General Motors offered a multitude of now desirable options to 'bling' the car up in a bid to increase sales during the great depression years, and they succeeded, out-selling Ford with 333,000 units in 14 different models. The top of the range Confederate Deluxe Special sports a healthy plethora of these options including dual wing-mounted spare wheels, chrome dual horns, chrome bonnet louvres, chrome dish hubcaps, eagle radiator cap and the obligatory aftermarket trunk mounted on the rear rack. This example was fitted with a new, complete exhaust system 2 years ago.



The coachwork is lovely in duck egg blue over cream over black, with highlighted body lines in white, and suits the car well. The original spoke wheels have been shot blasted and powder-coated and are shod with correct whitewall tyres and new inner tubes. The roof cloth and underfelt were renewed in 2008. The roof is completely waterproof. What amazes us is the quantity and condition of the exterior trim on this car, including the rare chrome fender trim, added by the present owner. If you are used to 1930s Fords, the quantity of extras and the trim spec on this Chevy may surprise you. She is a very pretty car and admired wherever she goes. 



According to the previous owner, the Chevy was restored in Canada in the 1990s, obviously to a very high standard. The current owner has fitted new rear axle bearings and seals, religiously changed the engine oil to spec, and recently re-filled the gearboxes - there are two of them - and the differential with the recommended 160 SAE oil. A new 110 ah battery was fitted last year. In the last 4 years restoration includes re-tempered springs both back and front and restored shackles, new clutch plate and pressure plate/bearing, new water pump, new carburettor, spot lights and badges to name a few. The headlights have been upgraded to halogen bulbs and discreet modern indicators fitted for safety. The electrics have been upgraded with a 6-volt alternator (recently checked), and the replaced distributor cap sports new high tension leads in red. Last winter a secondary electric fuel pump was fitted which tops up the carb when the car is not used regularly. This engine was affectionately nick-named the "Stove Bolt Six" and the “Cast Iron Wonder” in the ’30’s due to their durability. A OHV straight six 194ci (approx.3200cc) engine rated at 60 hp is particularly economical giving about 25 mpg and will run all day at 40-45 mph. Top speed was quoted at 65 - 70 mph in ’32 although the current owner doesn't exceed 50mph on local Sussex roads. We're told these are surprisingly easy cars to maintain and considering their rarity, there is an excellent supply of spares available for them in the States.



The interior has been restored in the original mohair cloth and looks particularly smart. The rear seat is more akin to a settee, with no seat belts. Due to earning its keep with the occasional upmarket wedding event, the interior has been kept in similarly fine fettle as the rest of the vehicle. Although not concours, the Chevy presents very nicely indeed with an air of opulence usually confined to more expensive models. Its clear to see the market that General Motors was aiming at with with The Confederate model range.


Included with the sale are numerous 1932 maintenance books, and roughly 4 box files of historic literature, plus receipts from the day the car was imported into the UK. There are also a number of spares to accompany the car, including a steering box and post. Although not a requirement, the Chevy has a recent MOT - a reassuring sign of confidence for an 86-year-old vehicle. The brakes are exceptionally powerful, despite being mechanical, (not hydraulic). The 59,942 miles on the clock, although not verified as the total mileage, could well be genuine given the condition. Insurance is inexpensive and the Chevy is road tax exempt. The valuable registration plate 'KIW 1066' and grill badges will remain with the car for a UK buyer, the owner reserves the right to retain them if the Chevy is sold to an overseas buyer. This is clearly a much-loved vehicle that has been cherished over the years.


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Make: Chevrolet
Model: Confederate Deluxe Special Sedan
Year: 1932
Documentation: V5 and large history file
Country: UK
Engine Size: 3200cc