Car Dashboard

Eclectic Auctions are a UK based curated online auction house start-up for Classic & Vintage cars, bikes and desirables. Essentially a small, 20 strong tech company, our team has eclectic tastes in cars and motorbikes. We own interesting classic cars and bikes ourselves and our curators are well experienced in the International marketplace.

Our core tech company started life over a decade ago, building sophisticated, high traffic e-commerce sites and software platforms for 1000 plus clients including Sky Sports, Apple, Nike and various UK public sector organisations. This hasn’t stopped us being passionate about all things that run on petrol!

After becoming increasingly frustrated with buying and selling cars and bikes through the usual online channels, we collectively decided that it was time for a change!

We knew we could do better as we have the knowledge and resources to create a solution that works…after all, its what we do every day! Hence Eclectic Auctions was born.

We aim to help you reach a wider audience and take the stress and hassle out of buying and selling a Classic or Vintage vehicle or desirable.

If you would like to be a part of our exciting and practical approach to buying or selling a vehicle or motoring desirable.


If you would like to read more on how the process works, head over to our dedicated page.

Our Co-Founder – and Eclectic’s experienced Tech and Social Media teams (well most of them!) making sure everything runs smoothly – and that your listing reaches the right buyers in the UK, Europe & Asia.